In the daily course of our CodingCREW activities we come across websites we find interesting.

This week the two websites we like are: (link no longer valid) and has lots of useful information that I would counsel webmasters on about securing a web site. The information on this web site is dead on accurate and we see no reason to reinvent the wheel when it has so clearly been illustrated here for all to read. (link no longer valid) – This page is dedicated to prevention from being hacked and what to do if you have been hacked. There is a lot of information on this website for those that use cPanel, since we do not spend a lot of time with cPanel we find this is wise counsel for those that might use cPanel.

The one statement I cannot stress enough is “Just keeping up to date has not always been enough to keep osCommerce secure.” CodingCREW and its members have extensive experience in security and securing osCommerce and osCommerce core based shopping carts. If you have an osCommerce “core” shopping cart you are all ready compromised and don’t know it or you will be compromised unless you have taken proactive countermeasures. osCommerce and osCommerce core carts are fine products but they do require special security precautions and a proactive approach to security to keep them safe.

If you currently use osCommerce or a osCommerce “core” shopping cart and want the CodingCREW to review your installation for compromise or to review your security nexus, please contact us direct at is a website we like strictly because we like the name. A play on the word Eldorado, shelldorado is a great name. Shelldorado also has some interesting information for Linux coders when it comes to using the command line.

The one page we find very interesting is this page, – it deals with sending emails and email attachments from the command line. We find this information very useful. We like the name Shelldorado, because it reminds us of one of the greatest movies in the John Wayne library Eldorado. Eldorado is a good all around kid safe movie that is an icon of the Wayne legacy.

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