One of our support options is remote desktop support.  This allows us to help you from anywhere in the world, so that even if we cannot be on site, we can still give you the support you need.  We offer two options at this point in time, but prefer to use our custom build.

CodingCREW Remote

Currently CodingCREW is using a custom version of UVNC2ME remote desktop solution in an effort to provide support offsite to our customers.  Please download a copy of the program here and then contact us to complete the support connection.


A second option that we offer to allow for remote support is the us of TeamViewer.  This in only used if our primary remote support option does not work.  The main reason is the cost of TeamViewer, to use on a regular basis, would force us to increase our rates to our customers.  This is our last choice option.

CodingCREW is continuing to explore and develop our remote support options.  This page will be updated in the future with new downloads.