CodingCREW is mainly a mobile operation, which means we come to your home or business to provide you support the majority of the time.  Other times we are able to assist you remotely and in rare cases, we take the computer(s) back to our office to completely repairs if needed.

Since we operate in a mobile fashion, we have a large service area that we work within.  Parts of this service area are considered extended service location and may result in a $15-25 trip fee* on top of the service charges for the work that is done.  We will let you know before hand if you are considered in our extended service area.

The map to the right shows the majority of our service and extended service area.  It is not 100% accurate, if you think you might be outside of our area, please contact us and we will confirm for sure.

We will be modifying this service area map over time to better show our normal and extended service areas.

* Coding Crew LLC may charge a trip fee of $15 to $25 based on the distance from our home office into our extended service area.  This trip charge is required even if no service fee is charged.  This fee will be waived for jobs over $150.