As part of our business transition into our LLC, we are now proud to say that we accept credit cards, checks, cash, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and contactless credit cards using Square and ACH and credit card payments through online invoices from Quickbooks.  Regardless of how you would like to pay, we got you covered.

If you wish to pay on site using a credit/debit card or contact payment option, we will be utilizing the Square credit card reader, which even allows us to not handle your card physically at all if not needed*.  If pay this way, your bank statement will list SQ* Coding Crew LLC or a variation thereof.

If you wish to pay via online using a credit/debit card or via online check, you payment will be processed through Intuit Quickbooks Payment.  These payments will be listed as Intuit Pymt Soln Acct Fee or a variation thereof.