Agency Opinions Related to Private Security

February 23, 2006
A company that sells and installs cameras that transmit or store images over a computer network, fits within Chapter 1702’s definition of ‘alarm system,’ and the installer of such equipment would meet the definition of ‘alarm systems company.’  See Tex. Occ. Code §§1702.002 and 1702.105.  This would include those who set up and/or monitor video surveillance camera trailers systems.

August 24, 2006 Regarding the regulation of the marketing and selling of remote monitoring products and services that enable a homeowner to monitor his or her home through the internet: These products appear to meet the statutory definition of “alarm system.” See Tex. Occ. Code §1702.002(1)(C)(i). However, it would also appear that the exemption of Section 1702.328(4) is applicable. The provider of such services or equipment need not be licensed under the Private Security Act.

§1702.328(4) exempts from Chapter 1702 “a person who sells exclusively by e-commerce, over the counter transactions, or mail order, alarm systems, electronic access control devices, locks, or detection devices”.

Do you need a video security system in your place of business, home, church or other location, CodingCREW is available to assist you.  In the State of Texas, not just anyone can install video security/surveillance systems.  Regardless of whether the video camera systems are self-monitored, monitored by a security company, IP (internet) based or otherwise, they are all regulated under State of Texas law and must be installed by a licensed company (or authorized representatives under their guidance).  See the regulation on the left of the page.

CodingCREW under the authorization of Your Private Investigator LLC (# C09403101) we are fully authorized by law to install security camera systems and more.  We will meet with you one on one to discuss your needs, design your system, install it and teach you how to use it.

We will discuss your needs and design the system just for you.

  • Network based or coaxial
  • Local DVR recording
  • Remote accessible
  • Monitor screens
  • Night vision
  • Movement detection
  • More