If you are like us, you having many DVD’s that you have collected over the years.  You might even have DVD’s that are no longer in print, so rare to own.  You may or may not still have a working DVD player or maybe you watch them on your computer.  Have you ever considered converting them to a digital format*, if for nothing more than protecting your investment, if not, maybe it’s time to think about it.  There are many programs out there that are designed to help you to do this, but the best one we have seen by far is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum by Digiarty Software, Inc.

Its very simple in that you install the software and place your DVD into your computer, click a couple of options and you have now saved your DVD into a digital format.  It gives you the option to backup the entire DVD or just the main movie and such.  You have different formats to save the digital files to, such as MP4, MPEG, Mov and more.

We have personally purchased this program and have used it ourselves.  We have actually been using it 2015 and it continues to work great and is easy to use.  Follow the link and get your copy today while its on sale.  They also have a version to use on a Mac OS.

Coding Crew LLC does not suggest or condone the use of any program to make illegal copies of any CD’s or DVD’s. There are lots of questions out there about the legality of backup DVD’s.  We make no legal recommendations and suggest that you form your own opinion in this matter.