Tools for CodingCREW members.  Below you will find links to tools and software that will help you in the field.  Before using any of these tools, make sure you know how to use them.

Do not use these programs or websites if you do not know how to use them.

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Download the following packages using the links below – save each one of them to your desktop.  NOTE: These instructions are for Microsoft Windows based operating systems only.

Cleans temporary files and such.
This package is a must have when cleaning an infected MS Windows box.  Formerly “Crap Cleaner”
First line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes

The name says it all, this package is a MUST.
First line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
This package is another MUST for anyone dealing with an infected MS Windows box.
First line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes.

Process Explorer – Task Manager Replacement
Interactive Windows Process Tool
This tool is part of a suite of tools from Microsoft’s Syninternals package.
Process Explorer is one of the single most important tools available when trouble shooting a Windows based computer.

  1.  Download CCleaner first
    Install this program and exit.
    Do not run yet.
  2. Download SuperAntiSpyware
    Install this program
    do not install toolbars or allow to work with recycle bin, etc.  Just install an icon on the desktop.  Do not send any status reports.
    Do not run yet.
  3. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    Do not install toolbars, or allow to work with recycle bin, etc., just install an icon on to the desktop.  Do not send any status reports.
    Do not run yet.
  4. Step by Step detailed instructions are here.  Once you have read the step by step instructions, select your operating system at the bottom of the post to be taken to advanced cleaning instructions for your specific operating system. NOTE: There are additional malware tools available for download but we are not going to list them here as you MUST read the instructions for use on the MajorGeeks website before you use the tools.  Go to MajorGeeks and read the cleaning procedure information for your specific OS.


Note: All the programs in this section can be downloaded directly from MajorGeeks website.  If you are cleaning a machine for the first time, it is RECOMMENDED that you go to MajorGeeks website and start reading the READ ME FIRST post in the Support Forum under Malware Removal.

Additional Resources

This website has a lot of information on malware and fixing computers.

Process Explorer

Process explorer is hands down better than Windows Task Manager.

Honestly we have no idea why Microsoft continues to use Task Manager as their flagship process management tool.  The standard Task Manager that ships with all Windows operating systems just plain sucks.

All CodingCREW machines have Process Explorer installed on them and we try to use this program exclusively instead of Task Manager.

Process Explorer gives you an overall picture of what processes are running and which ones might need to be killed when working on a Windows machine.

Task Manager cna take forever to kill a process whereas Process Explorer zaps the process instantly.

We cannot figure out why anyone would want to use Task Manager when Process Explorer is available and it’s free.


All the programs and/or software listed on these pages are posted here for CodingCREW member use. The CodingCREW makes no warranty expressed or implied for the use by the general public.

Use the tools found on this page at your own risk!