We are preserving this page from our original website so people can understand what the law said when it was first released to the public here in Texas.  The wording below is exactly how it was in the beginning and part of the reason that CodingCREW originally started.

Some of the information included on this page is still very valid and legal as of today, while other items have been changed (through government opinions) and no longer apply as they would have in the beginning.

To learn about the current laws that related to computer services, please read our Law page.

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With the passage of HB 2833 all computer technicians within the State of Texas are now required to be licensed through the State of Texas. The actual law can be found in Texas Occupations Code, Section 1702 we have provided a link at the bottom of this page.

Computer Forensics and Repair licensing is regulated by Texas Private Security Bureau a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

For information and opinions about the current Texas law see the Private Security Bureau links below:

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  • Computer Forensics
  • Computer Network Vulnerability Testing Firms
  • Computer Repair and Technical Assistance Services

All codingCREW members are either licensed with the State of Texas or operate under the direct supervision of State of Texas licensees.

It is a FACT that offering to provide computer services which are regulated by the State of Texas by an individual or company that is unlicensed is a crime.

Conversely it is also a crime for anyone to employee individuals or companies that are regulated by the State in which the company or individual does not meet licensing requirements.

Quoted directly from the Private Security Bureau website –

“Please be aware that providing or offering to provide a regulated service without a license is a criminal offense. TEX. OCC. CODE §1702.101, §1702.388. Employment of an unlicensed individual who is required to be licensed is also a criminal offense. TEX. OCC. CODE §1702.386.”

Many in the computer/IT community are in disbelief or are confused about the Texas law requiring all computer technicians to be licensed as Private Investigators, below we have provided links to the law so you can review the information first hand.

For more information we refer you to:

HB 2833


Texas Occupations Code Section 1702

Currently the Texas law that requires computer repair technicians to be licensed as Private Investigators is being challenged by the Institute For Justice but as of 02/2010 this law is still in effect and until such time as the law is modified or overturned the CodingCREW will meet all legal requirements for computer repair/IT services.

All members of the CodingCREW are either licensed with the State of Texas or work under the direct supervision of licensed Private Investigators who are licensed through the State of Texas.

Texas License Number C09403101