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Tools for CodingCREW members.  Below you will find links to tools and software that will help you in the field.  Before use make sure you know how to use these tools.

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The CodingCREW Toolkit has grown to the
point that we have divided the tools
into separate pages defined by
operating system. 

MS Windows

Windows Tools can be found here.

Linux - Unix

Linux Tools can be found here.


Building a MS Windows Box?
Try our recommended Tools


One of the Greatest resources for GNU/GPL
software and applications.

Computer Hardware

The best vendor at the sidewalk sale.

Sidewalk Sale
Monthly flea market for computers in
Downtown Dallas.  Generally looks like a
Dell warehouse explosion.


All of the programs and/or software listed on this page are posted here for CodingCREW use.  The CodingCREW makes no warranty expressed or implied for use by the general public.

Use the tools found on this page at your own risk.

Howies Funware
Screen Capture

Howies Funware Screen Capture Software is the greatest - we love it.

When installed on a MS Windows box, you can set up a folder in the user's MyDocuments called Screen Shots and then set Howies Funware to send all screen shots to this folder for ease of locating screen shots later.

We change the default setting to save all screen shots as a .jpg and make the PAUSE button the trigger for taking the screen shots.

The CodingCREW and our customers love this little program, it has low overhead and does a great job.