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MS Machine Build Toolkit

Tools for codingCREW members.  Below you will find links to tools and software that will help you in the field.  Before use make sure you know how to use these tools.

   "If In Doubt - ASK"  

When the CodingCREW builds a Windows box there are a few open source programs we recommend for new builds.


Here is a list of programs we generally
recommend for all Windows box builds

Crimson Editor / Emerald Editor
Emerald Editor Website
Crimson Editor Website
HTML, PHP, TXT editor

Windows merging program and comparison tool


Network Scanner
Shows all nodes on network with IP and MAC
For network disruption make sure you check
for additional networks, i.e. two devices on the
network, both try to serve DHCP.  i.e. one on and one on


Putty - SSH Client
Putty Website
PUTTY is the defacto standard for SSH client
Windows version avaliable.

Filezilla - FTP Client
FTP Client for transfer of files


Cleans temp files and such.
This package is a must when cleaning
an infected MS Windows box. Formerly "Crap Cleaner"
First Line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes.

The name says it all, this package is a MUST.
First Line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Website
This package is another MUST of anyone dealing
with an infected MS Windows box.
First Line item in all CodingCREW toolboxes.


Process Explorer - Task Manager Replacement
Interactive Windows Process Tool
This tool is part of a suite of tools from
the Microsoft Sysinternals package.
Process Explorer is one of the single most important
tools available when trouble shooting Windows XP.


Archive Software


TrueCrypt - encryption software
TrueCrypt Website
READ the instructions before using this packaage.
This encryption package is extremely powerful.


Pixie - color match program
Need to know the exact HEX or RGB
codes for a color on a web page or any
color displayed on your screen this
this little program will give you the info.

Howies Funware - Screen Capture Program
Good, clean, small and WORKS
Check the "active screen" box for perfect
Screen shots each time saved in .jpg format.

ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover)
This little program is great.  There are many paid
for programs that remove duplicates from Outlook,
but this program will do it and it is FREE
We have used this program with great success
when migrating outlook from one box to another.


Open Office

Open Office is a open source productivity
package and office suite.  Open Office offers
most of the same functionality that MS Office
has with spread sheets, word processors and more.


The new open source productivity package
and office suite that is giving Open Office a
run for its money.  This package is supposed
to rival that of MS Office.  Give it a try.


MS Windows

Linux - Unix


All of the programs and/or software listed on this page are posted here for CodingCREW use.  The CodingCREW makes no warranty expressed or implied for use by the general public.

Use the tools found on this page at your own risk.

Building a MS
Windows Box

When the CodingCREW builds a MS Windows box we never use bootlegged software.

Bootlegged software and pirated software never provide positive results.

Many times when we have to clean a box or remove viruses, etc., they are a direct result of bootlegged software and/or pirated software.

Using bootlegged software is stealing.  If you cannot afford software there is almost always a Open Source equivalent available.

For an office suite or productivity package we recommend Open Office or  LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is the new kid on the block that is taking over Open Office.

The CodingCREW and our customers love this little program.