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As a daily AutoCAD user I have come to learn how powerful AutoDesk’s AutoCAD really is and I have developed an appreciation for the program.  The one thing I hate about AutoCAD is that every year they come out with different versions which causes me to have to buy an upgrade or new package.  Most of the revision changes are not earth shattering and really do not warrant an upgrade, honestly most code enhancements should be provided free as patches and updates.

While I have several other CAD/CAM programs in my inventory, I use AutoCAD for a lot of work because I am comfortable with it and it is down and dirty easy to use.  I am a keyboard and mouse user, meaning that I drive much of the program from the keyboard as I find it to be just faster.

As stated above the problem I have with AutoCAD is that it is a per seat commercial license and that license is not cheap.  The yearly version upgrades are slightly discounted but the overall price is still pretty hefty.  On my personal computers such as my laptop and my home computers I have been looking for a CAD solution that is a bit more economical.

One of the most talented engineers I have met in my years of manufacturing called me the other day and told me to give DraftSight a GNU CAD program a try.

I can sum up DraftSight in one word – WOW!

DraftSight is a product of Dassault Systems – their web site can be found here – Dassault Systems

This CAD package is apples for apples the same as AutoCAD.  This package is GREAT, if you need a CAD package but do not want to use AutoCAD or want an alternative to AutoCAD give DraftSight a try.

The photo below does not do the package justice, but DraftSight has 99% of the same features as AutoCAD and for the average user DraftSight will work for most applications.

DraftSight has impressed me and I have begun to use it more and more as time goes on.  I flip flop between AutoCAD and DraftSight all the time to test the differences.

DS is avaliable for Windows, Mac and Linux

The standalone license does require activation before you can use the package.

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