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Microsoft oh why do you do it – Just STOP

Once again Microsoft cannot leave things alone. Windows 8 – oh my gosh here we go again we have to learn a whole new way of doing things what crap! As a server guy I have a lot of servers with self signed SSL Certificates. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided to issue a […]

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Virtual KVM or KM…

Once in a while someone creates something that is really cool and useful.  This can be said of Synergy… In their own words Synergy is… Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk, and it’s Free and Open Source. Just move your mouse off the edge of one […]

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Fenix TA21 – Flashlight

Another entry in our equipment reviews – the Fenix TA21 LED Flashlight. For years starting in Law Enforcement we used Surefire Flashlights and Streamlight Flashlights – then like a Phenoix up from the ashes comes Fenix Flashlights. Surefire for years had been the standard for pocket and tactical flashlights.  Another trademark of Surefire was that they were the […]

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AutoCAD Replacement

As a daily AutoCAD user I have come to learn how powerful AutoDesk’s AutoCAD really is and I have developed an appreciation for the program.  The one thing I hate about AutoCAD is that every year they come out with different versions which causes me to have to buy an upgrade or new package.  Most […]

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Photoshop Alternative

I was working on site the other day with my laptop and I needed to manipulate some photos I was taking. On my work station at my office I have a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5, but I do not have a copy of CS5 on my laptop. I called a friend and he […]

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Websites that we find interesting #1

In the daily course of our CodingCREW activities we come across websites we find interesting. This week the two websites we like are: and has lots of useful information that I would conuncil webmasters on about securing a web site.  The information on this web site is dead on accurate and we […]

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cPanel & Addon Domains – “holy security risk Batman !!!”

The other day we were engaged to work on a dedicated box that had WHM & cPanel installed on it.  The box had been compromised and it was our job to plug the holes and clean up the box.  While it is well know that cPanel is a hugely popular website administration package my experience […]

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Mobile SSH apps

Are you a System Administrator that needs to occasionally access boxes while on the go or are you just a user that needs SSH access from your web enabled celular phone?  Finding an SSH application that actually works that is ported for your mobile phone platform can be frustrating.  Because I have a background in Linux […]

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TOR Network – SysAdmin’s Nightmare

Have you heard of the TOR Project – probably not unless you are a paranoid conspiracy theorist with something to hide.  The TOR Project utilizes an “Onion Router” scheme to provide users anonymous web surfing.  TOR originally stood for “The Onion Router,” – in my opinion TOR is short for torment or torture for System […]

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Recently we had a customer that was the victim of an iframes attack.  The attacker placed some 4600+ files in the public_html/ directory and altered some 4600+ files within the public_html/ directory.  We wrote a script to delete all the injected files but that still left some 4600+ files that were altered by the cracker […]

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